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Pains in The Ass

 Pharmacy, like all professions, is rife with problematic situations. While there may be a myriad of topics to discuss, the one that always provokes the most fervent reaction is the asshole customer. That arrogant, self entitled person who bleeds blue and shits ice cream. The quandary is the wheel upon which we ride; we hate them, but they pay our salary. You can yell at your tech, your manager, even your boss, but must placate these assholes. Some of us are good at dealing with these twits and the shit just rolls off. Others, not so much. We mumble under our breath, slam the phone, kick the printer and are prime candidates for a cardiac event, or at least the development of a nervous tic. So, if any of the following describes your behavior, and one day you see your pharmacist being wheeled away with his eyes all glazed over, drooling and in restraints, you know something has just shorted out, and your actions are no doubt a contributing factor. You just might be an asshole:

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